BFI Agenda

BFI Agenda 2017-06-02T13:18:17+00:00

This year’s BFI, as we have done the past several years, will have PACA members provide prospective from the industry standpoint when necessary.   PACA members will collect questions and provided responses for those items requiring additional information.  The draft agenda is published for general information and is subject to change.


Noon – 7:00 PM Registration
1 – 6:00PM Exhibit set up
Evening open – Social TBD
7:00 AM Registration opens for the day and Continental Breakfast
8:00 AM Welcome/Posting Colors/National Anthem
8:09 AM Introduction of Welcome Speaker
8:10 AM Welcome Remarks – Kirtland AFB Senior Leader
8:24 AM Introduction of the AF Space and Missile Systems Center’s Commander
8:25 AM Commander, Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center Presentation
8:54 AM Introduction of AFMC Lifecycle Management Center Commander
8:55 AM Lifecycle Management Presentation
9:25 AM Break – Mid-Morning Snack
9:54 AM Introduction of NWC Commander
9:55 AM Commander, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center Presentation
10:24 AM Introduction of the AFOTEC Commander
10:25 AM AFOTEC Commander’s Presentation
10:55 AM Introduction of the AFRL Commander
11:25 AM AFRL Technology Development
11:50 AM Adjourn for Lunch
12:00 PM Chaplin’s Invocation, Lunch served
12:20 PM Introduction of Lunch Speaker Presentation
12:21 PM AFMC Commander Presentation
12:55 PM Introduce the afternoon session chair and adjourn lunch
1:08 PM Introduce Afternoon Session
1:10 PM AFMC/AFSC – Ogden Air Logistics Complex
1:30 PM AFMC/AFSC – Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex
1:50 PM AFMC/AFSC – Warner Robbins Air Logistics Complex
2:15 PM Mid-Afternoon Snacks, Breakouts for AFMC Hill, Tinker, Warner-Robbins
2:45 PM Missile Defense Agency – Sensor and Laser Technology Program
3:05 PM AFRL Sensors (RY)
3:25 PM AFRL Information (RI)
3:50 PM Wrap up, announce breakout, evening schedule
4:10 PM Breakouts AFRL – MDA/RY/RI
4:40 PM Breakouts Adjourn
5 – 8:00 PM Social – Networking
7:00 AM Continental Breakfast and Registration
8:00 AM Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance, Announcements
8:10 AM AFRL Directed Energy (RD)
8:30 AM AFRL Munitions Directorate (RW)
8:50 AM AFRL 711th Airman Performance Wing
9:10 AM Break and Breakouts AFRL/RD, AFRL/RW, AFRL/711
9:40 AM AFRL Aerospace Systems (RQ)
10:00 AM AFRL Strategic Developmental Planning & Experimentation (RS)
10:20 AM AFRL Materials and Manufacturing (RX)
10:40 AM Mid-Morning Snack, Breakouts AFRL/RQ/RS/RX
11:10 AM AFRL Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
11:30 AM Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center (AFOTEC )
11:50 AM Break and Gather for Lunch
12:05 PM Chaplin’s Invocation, Lunch served
12:24 PM Introduction of Lunch Speaker Presentation
12:25 PM SECAF Presentation
12:55 PM Introduce the afternoon session chair and adjourn lunch
1:03 PM Introduce Afternoon Session
1:05 PM National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
1:25 PM Breakouts AFOSR, AFOTEC, NNSA
1:55 PM Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
2:15 PM Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
2:35 PM Deputy PEO for Strategic Systems (PEO SS)
2:55 PM Mid-Afternoon Snacks, Breakouts DTRA, Army COE, HELJTO
3:25 PM Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
3:45 PM Army Corps of Engineers (COE)
4:05 PM DoD HEL Joint Technology Office (HELJTO)
4:25 PM Breakouts for DTRA, COE, HELJTO
4:55 PM End Breakout Panels End for the Day
5 – 8:00 PM Social – Networking
7:00 AM Continental Breakfast and Registration
8:00 AM Welcome and Administrative Notes
8:05 AM AFRL Space Vehicles (RV)
8:25 AM SMC/AD – Advanced Systems and Development
8:45 AM SMC/RN – Range and Network Division
9:05 AM Mid-Morning Snack, Breakouts AFMC, SMC/RN, SMC/RD
9:35 AM SMC/ORS – Operationally Responsive Space
9:55 AM SMC/SY – Space Superiority Systems Directorate
10:15 AM SMC/LE – Launch Enterprise Directorate
10:35 AM Break and Breakouts SMC/ORS, SMC/SY, SMC/LE
11:05 AM SMC/GP – GPS Joint Program Office
11:25 AM SMC/RS – Space Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS)
11:45 AM Gather for lunch
12:05 PM Chaplin’s Invocation, Lunch served
12:24 PM Introduce Luncheon Speaker
12:25 PM Lunch Speaker WSMR Commander
12:50 PM Introduce the afternoon session chair and adjourn lunch
12:58 PM Introduce Afternoon Session
1:00 PM SMC/MC – MILSATCOM Systems
1:20 PM Break and Breakouts SMC/GP, SMC/RS, SMC/MC
1:50 PM Holloman AFB
2:10 PM Fort Hood / WSMR Procurements
2:30 PM 58th Special Operations Wing
2:50 PM Mid-Afternoon Snacks, Breakouts MDA, WSMR, NAG
3:20 PM Remove exhibits
3:20 PM Town Hall discussion to “develop rapid prototype to weapons concepts”
4:20 PM Town Hall Wrap Up
4:25 PM BFI Wrap-up, Drawing for conference gift(s), Adjourn


***IMPORTANT: BFI is restricted to U.S. citizens only and pre-approved companies***

To provide a greater level of detail on programs, BFI 2017 will again be unclassified but restricted to U.S. citizens only.  In order to attend, you must either be a U.S. Government employee, or for non-Government attendees, have a valid DD2345, “Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement.” All non-U.S. Government  attendees will be required to be U.S. citizens and to supply confirmation of their organization’s ability to receive Militarily Critical Technical Data either via their CAGE code verification or by providing a copy of their organization’s DD2345 prior to confirmation for the conference.   To verify your companies status or if you or your organization does not already have an approved, visit

Your registration will not be completed without this form being first completed and approved by the Government. 

For questions or registration help please call our registration staff at 505-796-5660 or toll free 844-CCS-EVNT