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Annual Dues Announcement

The PACA Board of Directors voted unanimously to reduce the annual dues to $150.00 effective April 1, 2016.  Many of the similar organizations across the Country charge annual dues plus charge for meals.  Your PACA organization includes your meal prices in the annual dues plus the annual Christmas Party for the member and a guest. In January 2016, the Board of Directors added the Associate Member status and it may be applied for and held, if granted by the Board of Directors, by individuals who were former fully paid Members for a total of five years and who retire from a position that allows membership in PACA. The annual Associate Member fee is set at $75 and the member is entitled to all the benefits of the full paid membership he maintained for the minimum of the previous five (5) years.

The dues decrease is effective for renewal or new memberships April 1, 2016.  If you have any questions please contact one of the board members.

PACA Monthly Luncheon Meetings

Networking and Informative Speaker Presentations by Industry Experts

PACA Members, non-members and interested guests meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Tanoan Country Club. Registration and check-in begins at 11:30 am followed by lunch at 12:00 noon. Please register by the Wednesday before the week of the meeting as food orders are due in.

Year Month Speaker
2018 Apr
2018 Mar
2018 Feb Colonel Douglas Horne, Vice Commander, 58th Special Operations Wing, Kirtland AFB
2018 Jan Dan Hicks, Spaceport America  (tentatively accompanied by Virgin Galactic representative)
2017 Dec Holiday Party
2017 Nov Jerry Tyree, Deputy Commander, Tech Director, White Sands Missile Range
2017 Oct Lt Col Heather Bogstie,  ORS-5 Program Manager
2017 Sept James Eanes, Senior Manager, Sandia National Laboratories
2017 July Dr. Kelly Hammett, Director of the Directed Energy Directorate
2017 June Colonel Russell Teehan, Director, AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate
2017 May John M. Garcia, Director, SBA New Mexico District
2017 Apr Networking Event
2017 Mar Tammie Johnson, Director of Contracting
2017 Feb The Honorable Harrison Schmidt
2017 Jan Dan Hicks, Executive Director, Spaceport America
2016 Dec Holiday Party
2016 Nov Dr. Katie Richardson, Science and Development Director, Senator Heinrich’s Office
2016 Oct Networking Event
2016 Sept Ms Mandie White, Toastmasters
2016 Aug Briefing for Industry
2016 July Ms Jane Powdrell-Culbert, Representative to the NM House
2016 June Tim Barnes, Drones
2016 May Mr. Eric Kivi: Dir. Military Base Planning & Support
2016 Apr Networking
2016 Mar Tammie Johnson Chief of the Contracting Office at Detachment 8  AFRL
2016 Feb BG Coffin. CG WSMR
2016 Jan Dr. Richard Jimenez. Director EMRTC New Mexico Tech
2015 Sept. Mr. John Stocker III – DTRA
2015 Nov. Col. Kawane Standin  Peggy Corcoran 377th SBA  & Johanne Perkins (377th PA)
2015 March Dr. Dave Hardy  SES  Director  Directed Energy Directorate. AFRL/RD
2015 June Col. Goldstein. AFRL / RV Director
2015 July Networking
2015 August BFI
2015 April Stacy Sacco
2015 Oct Mr. Mark Neice  Director HEL JTO
2015 May Michelle Sager: AFRL Person for long term support to the BFI
2015 May Christian Anderson: Spaceport America Executive Director
2015 Feb Neal McCasland  Ph.D / Retired AFRL CG / MG
2015 Jan Gary Oppendahl. ABQ Economic Development
2014 Sept. Honorable Ken Martinez. Speaker of the House – NM Legislature
2014 Oct. Bill Miera. President Fiore Industries
2014 Nov. Col. J. Stutz. Deputy Commander SMC/AL
2014 March Col. Becklund  58th SOW CO
2014 June Dr. Kelly D. Hammett. AFRL Directed Energy Chief Engineer
2014 July Mr James Rubeor  SES  DV-5. Executive Director of the Air Force Safety Center.
2014 Feb. BG Retired Hanson Scott
2014 April BG Daryl J. Hauck (MG Selectee) PEO AF Stratetic Systems
2014 Aug BFI – No Speaker
2014 May Debora Johnson. CNN
2014 Jan Speaker was going to be Hanson Scott – fell & couldn’t attend
2013 Sept. Brad Hayden. Aspen Avionics
2013 Oct. John Garcia  Albq Economic Development
2013 Oct. Charles Lowery  National Nuclear Museum
2013 Nov. Jeff Thomas. DTRA & Russ Fisher-Ives – Inquiry Faclitators
2013 Nov. No Speaker
2013 June Dave Keese  SNL
2013 June Jerry Langheim  SNL. Partnership with Dave Keese
2013 July Elizabeth (Lisa) J. Kuuttilaq. CEO & Chief Economic Development Officer STC.UNM
2013 April Patricia Knighten – Plaque for Service
2013 April Major General Scott D. West  AFOTEC Commander
2013 Aug BFI – No Speaker
2013 May Dr. Dave Hardy  SES  Director  Directed Energy Directorate. AFRL/RD
2013 Mar Col. William Bill Cooley. Director AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate
2013 Feb Gruia-Catalin Roman  Ph.D.  Dean of Engineering UNM & Christopher D. Hall  Ph.D.
2013 Jan Dr. Beverlee J. McClure. President & CEO Association of Commerce & Industry
2012 Sept. Dr. Joe Janni.
2012 Oct. Scott Cook  Director of Small Business Programs  KAFB
2012 Nov. Kenneth Hodges  NM MEP
2012 March Col. Carol Welsch – Deputy Dir SDTW
2012 June Sherman McCorkle. Chairman  CEO  & co-founder of Sandia Science & Technology Park
2012 July Dr. John Meason. Director  Energistics Materials Research & Testing Center (EMRTC)-NM Tech
2012 April Casey DeRaad. Chief of Technology Outreach-AFRL Directed Energy & Space Vehicles Directorates.
2012 Aug BFI
2012 May Col. John C. Kubinec. 377th Air Base Wing CC
2012 Feb Bill Miera. President Fiore Industries
2012 Jan George Frieberg  Senior Director for Technology  Tech Ventures Corp
2011 Nov Brian Leen
2011 Oct Terry Kruger
2011 Sep Honorable Tim Hale  Cabinet Sec’y for NM Dept of Veterans’ Services
2011 Aug BFI
2011 Jul Dr. Lind S. Gee  Scientist-In-Charge  US Geological Survey  Albuquerque Seismology Lab
2011 Jun Mr. Jeff Olinger  HQ AFOTEC/Technical Advisor
2011 May Col Robert L. Maness  377th ABW/CC
2011 Apr Dr. David Hardy  AFRL/Directed Energy Directorate/Director
2011 Mar Mark Neice  Director  HEL Joint Technology Office
2011 Feb Col Bill Cooley  AFRL/RV/CC
2011 Jan Col Robert L. Maness  377th ABW/CC>>>Mark Neice  Director  HEL JTO
2010 Nov Col Robert L. Maness  377th ABW/CC  Col Bill Cooley  AFRL/RV/CC
2010 Oct Bgen John Thompson  PEO Strategic Systems
2010 Sep Col Michael Moran  Space Development & Test Wing
2010 Aug BFI
2010 Jul Susan Thornton  AFRL/DE  Director
2010 Jun Mr. Mark Neice  Director HEL JTO >>Col Brad Smith  AFRL/RV
2010 May Col Robert D. McMurry  Jr.  ABL SPO/CC
2010 May Appreciation Plaque to Ray Saunders
2010 Apr Col Stephen Clark 27SOW Wing/CC>Col Brad Smith  AFRL/RV>Hanson Scott
2010 Mar Tammie Johnson  AFRL/PK  Director
2010 Feb Dr. Pete Worden  NASA Ames Director (Replacing Rep. Martin Heinrich)
2010 Jan Carol Yarnell  SNL/Director of Suppy Chain Management
2009 Nov Randall Hayes  Executive Director  NM Museum of Space History
2009 Oct LTC Troy Molendyke  DMOC/CC
2009 Sep B/Gen (USAF ret) Reg Rider  CACI  VP AF Business Dev.
2009 Aug BFI
2009 Jul Mr. Roberrt Carter  SES  WSMR/Executive Director
2009 Jun Hanson Scott   BGen USAF (Ret.)  Director
2009 May Col Brad Smith  AFRL/RV
2009 Apr Fred Mondragon  NM Sec’y of Economic Dev.Dep’t
2009 Mar Gerald Mora
2009 Feb Col Mike Duvall  377th ABW/CC
2009 Jan Col John Pearson  AFOTEC/CV
2008 Nov Col Richard Stuckey  AF Nuclear Weapons Center
2008 Oct Dr..Peter Wegner  Office of Responsive Space  Director
2008 Sep Col Burke (Ed) Wilson  Space Development &Test Wing/CC
2008 Aug BFI
2008 Jul Col Michael J Kingsley  AFIA/CC (TDY-Replaced by Col Mark Andersen)
2008 Jun Col Robert McMurry  ABL SPO/CC
2008 May Susan Thornton  AFRL/DE  Director
2008 Apr Maran Vedamanikam & Tim Carmichael  Euroclydon
2008 Mar Dale Hite  AFRL/VS  Deputy Director
2008 Feb Col Parhizkar  377th ABW/VC
2008 Jan Tammie Johnson  AFRL/PK  Director
2007 Nov Mark Roverse  AFRL/VS/Chief Engr.
2007 Oct Col Green  AFRL/VS Director (TDY: =Dr. David Hardy-AFRL Chief Space Technologist)
2007 Sep Fred Mondragon  NM Sec’y of Economic Dev.Dep’t (TDY: =Stuart Paisano  Ass’t. Sec’y)
2007 Aug BFI (Nambe bowl + engraving for Joan Fulkerson)
2007 Jul Nick Smerigan  COO Albuquerque Studios
2007 Jun Tom Berard  Director WSMR
2007 May Ross Crown
2007 Apr Joan Fulkerson  AFRL/Small Business Advocate
2007 Mar Col Robert E  Suminsby Jr.  377th ABW/CC
2007 Feb Stu Purviance  Kirtland Partnership Committee  Director
2007 Jan George Frieberg  Senior Director for Technology  TVC
2006 Nov Col Tom Trask  58th SOW/CC (Subbed by Col Eugene Haase  Vice-Commander)
2006 Oct Col Green  AFRL/VS  Director
2006 Sep Mike Daly  CEO Mesa Del Sol
2006 Jul Carol Yarnell  LANL/Director of Ethics and David Keese  LANL/Dep’y for Technical Programs
2006 Jun Casey DeRaad  AFRL/Kirtland Technology Park
2006 May Cisco Tapia  AFRL/SBIR  Director
2006 Apr Lonny Sumpter  Director  Office of Space Commercialization
2006 Mar Gene DeWall  AFRL/PK
2006 Feb Col Rex Kiziah  AFRL/VS  Director
2006 Jan Dr. Bruce Simpson  AFRL/DE  Director
2005 Nov No Speaker
2005 Oct Dr. Eric Rinehart DTRA  Chief Scientist  Test & Technology Division
2005 Sep Carol Radosovich (Dir.Economic Dev   PNM)  Brad Steward (financial consultant)
2005 Aug BFI
2005 Jul Col. Rich   SMC/Det 12/CC
2005 Jun Stu Proviance  Director  Kirtland Partnership Committee
2005 May Dr. J.Douglas Beason  LANL/Defense Threat Reduction  Director
2005 Apr Rich Kestner (NM Dir. Of Office of Space Commercialization)  Dr. William Gaubatz. (X-Prize VP)
2005 Mar Canceled due to weather
2005 Feb Col Joe Bonin  Det 1  AFOTEC/CC
2005 Jan No Speaker
2004 Nov Joan Fulkerson  AFRL/Small Business Advocate
2004 Oct Gregory A Alston  AF Safety Center  Deputy Director
2004 Sep Lt Col Jerry Rodney Couick  ABL SPO  Deputy Director
2004 Jul Col Mouse Neumeister  SMC/Det 12/CC (Substituted by Deputy Commander)
2004 Jun Dr. Bruce Simpson  AFRL/DE  Director
2004 May Hanson Scott  NM Office of Military Base Planning & Support  Director
2004 Apr Jack Harrington  Eclipse Aviation  VP
2004 Mar Joe Sciabica  AFRL/VS  Deputy Director
2004 Feb Dr. Dan Prono  LANL  Directo of Military Programs
2004 Jan Rear Admiral Paul K. Arthur  WSMR/DEP CG
2003 Nov Sherman McCorkle  TVC  President & CEO
2003 Oct Dr. Bruce Simpson  AFRL/DE  Director
2003 Sep Dr. Marion W. Williams  HQ AFOTEC  Chief Scientist
2003 Jul Hanson Scott  NM Office of Military Base Planning & Support  Director
2003 Jun Col James A. Neumeister  SMC/Det 12/CC
2003 May Dr. William J Wepfer & Dr. Alan Hale  Project Earthwise
2003 Apr Hon. Rep. Heather Wilson
2003 Mar Peter Mitchell  NM Office of Space Commercialization  Executive Director
2003 Feb Joe Sciabica  AFRL/Space Vehicles  Deputy Director
2003 Jan Dr. Earl Good  AFRL/DE  Director
2002 Nov Dr. J. Douglas Beason  LANL/Defense threat Reduction  Director
2002 Oct Bruce Bortner  Albuquerque Character Counts  Executive Director
2002 Sep Hon. Claude M. Bolton  Ass’t. Sec’y of the Army/Acquisition  Logistics and Technology
2002 Jul Dr. Art Guenther  State of NM  Chief Scientist
2002 Jun MGen William A. Peck  AFOTEC/CC
2002 May Col James A. Neumeister  SMC/Det 12/CC
2002 Apr Edward W.Pogue  High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office  Director
2002 Feb Col William N  McCasland  AFRL/Space Vehicles  Director
2002 Jan BGen William F. Engel  WSMR/CG
2001 Nov John Garcia  NM Economic Development Dept.  Secretary
2001 Oct Dr. Jerry Yonas & Dr. Judy Moore  Sandia National Lab/Advanced Concepts Group
2001 Jul Sherman McCorkle  TVC  President
2001 Jun Dennis Morrison  NMERI
2001 May Col Eva Wallace  ABL SPO/Senior Reservist
2001 Apr BGen Steven W. Flohr  WSMR/CG
2001 Feb Dr. David Hardy  AFRL/Space Vehicles   Deputy Director
2000 Nov Col Jan Eakle  377th ABW/CC
2000 Oct Col Ralph D. Monfort  SMC/TE  Director
2000 Sep MGen William A. Peck  AFOTEC/CC
2000 Jul Paul Shirley  National Directed Energy Center & Joint Technology Office for DE
2000 Jun Col Ellen M. Pawlikowski  ABL SPO  Director
2000 May BGen Steven W. Flohr  WSMR/CC
2000 Apr Christine Anderson  AFRL/Space Vehicles  Director
2000 Mar Dr. Earl Good  AFRL/DE  Director
2000 Feb Robert Q. Fugate  AFRL/DE/Starfire Optical Range
2000 Jan Dr. Joseph Janni  AFOSR  Director
1999 Nov Col Donald B. Bortner  58th SOW  Director of Staff and IG
1999 Oct Richard E. Glass  DoE Albuquerque Operations Office  Manager
1999 Jul MGen Jeff Cliver  AFOTEC/CC
1999 Jun Hon. Rep. Heather Wilson
1999 May Col James E. Ford  SMC/TE  Director
1999 Apr Christine Anderson  AFRL/Space Vehicles  Director
1999 Feb Charles R. Garcia  WSMR/Materiel Test Directorate  Director
1999 Jan Dr. Earl Good  AFRL/DE  Director
1998 Nov Dr. Mike Borky  AF SAB Study Chair (Space Roadmap for 21st Century Aerospace Force)
1998 Oct Maj Ken Verderame  AFRL Space Maneuver Vehicle
1998 Sep LTC Chuck Pinney  ABL SPO  Deputy Director
1998 Jul Hanson Scott  NM Office For Space Commercialization  Executive Director
1998 Jun LTC Jack Bishop  AFRL/PK
1998 May Christine Anderson  AFRL/Space Vehicles  Director
1998 Apr Col James E. Ford  SMC/TE  Director
1998 Feb BGen Jerry Gunner Laws  WSMR/CG
1998 Jan Dr. Earl Good  AFRL/DE  Director
1997 Nov Dr. Jason Wilkenfeld  Electronics Industry Association  Defense Science & Technology Status
1997 Oct LTC Paul Burns  TACCSF/CC
1997 Sep Dr. Joseph Janni  Phillips Lab  Chief Scientist
1997 Jul LTC Mark E.Kain  SMC/TEO
1997 Jun Dr. Marion W. Williams  HQ AFOTEC  Chief Scientist & Technical Director
1997 May Col Michael W. Booen  ABL SPO  Director
1997 Apr Bob Martin  Dymocks Flyer  Pilot/President
1997 Feb Col Mike Heil  PL/CC
1997 Jan Col Robert Duryea  PL/LI  Director
1996 Nov Dr. Jason Wilkenfeld  Electronics Industry Association  Defense Science & Technology Status
1996 Oct Col Craig Martin  SMC/TE  Director
1996 Sep Christine Anderson  PL/Space & Missiles Technology  Director
1996 Jul Hon. Rep. Steven H. Schiff
1996 Jun Col Bill Byrne  PL/XP  Director
1996 May Col Dick Tebay  ABL SPO  Director
1996 Apr BGen Jerry Gunner Laws  WSMR/CG
1996 Feb Col Mike Heil  PL/CC
1996 Jan LTC Jess Sponable  PL/NASA  Liaison Officer
1994 Nov Dr. Joseph Janni  Phillips Lab  Chief Scientist
1994 Oct LTC Joseph Marino  SMC/TE (Space Test Program)  Deputy Program Manager
1994 Sep James P. O’Neill  Ass’t Sec’y NM Taxation & Revenue Dept
1994 Sep Col William G. Heckathorn  Chairman  Contracting Acquisition Process Team
1994 Jul LTC Jay Melin  PL/XPX (The AF/PL Planning Process & Industry Involvement
1994 Jan Col Bill Byrne  Phillips Lab  Director Plans & Programs
1993 Nov BGen Dick Paul  AFMC/Director of Science and Technology

Regular Small Business Monthly Events

Contact (505) 966-9545

Contact: Alisa (505) 842-9003

Contact:  Alisa (505) 842-9003

Contact:  (505) 766-9200

Monthly Meetings
Contact:  (505) 890-5062

Every 3rd Tuesday Luncheon, Tanoan Country Club
Contact:  (505) 998-4910

Every 3rd Friday, TBD
8:00 am
Contact:  505-350-3584

Contact:  Ed Jimenez (505) 662-6706