The Professional Aerospace Contractors Association (PACA) of New Mexico was founded in 1984 to promote a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between the aerospace industry and Government agencies. It has since become widely recognized and used by all Government agencies in the area as a forum for interaction with industry. From its modest inception, PACA has grown to a membership of 140 aerospace, defense, and related professionals representing virtually every element of the aerospace and defense industries and the Federal laboratories. Members represent both large and small businesses as well as minority, women-owned, and disadvantaged businesses.

The first BFI was held in 1986 with the objective to provide a timely update to the Government contracting community on upcoming and proposed acquisitions from the many and varied Federal organizations. That objective has not changed in 35 years. The BFI covers R&D,  engineering and scientific technical work, A&AS opportunities,  test facility O&M, and related acquisitions. It provides a forum for potential bidders to gain knowledge and insights for a successful bid. It accomplishes this objective by providing thorough and comprehensive presentations by these organizations. The BFI offers ample opportunities to talk directly with the presenters about their programs. With typical attendance now in excess of 500 people, it’s also an excellent opportunity to meet with industry counterparts and senior Government officials.  In accomplishing this objective, the BFI helps enhance awareness of opportunities, stimulates competition, and facilitates collaboration and teaming arrangements.

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