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Griffin: Pentagon ‘scrambling’ to figure out space reorganization

WASHINGTON — At a gathering of space executives and policy experts on Thursday, Pentagon officials mostly sidestepped the Space Force issue. Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Michael Griffin said he was not intentionally dodging the question but he simply does not know when or how a new military branch will be organized. During a Q&A session at a [...]

Maxar sells portion of SSL real estate

Updated Dec. 7 at 3:01 p.m. Eastern to include analyst comments.  WASHINGTON — Maxar Technologies sold one of satellite manufacturer Space Systems Loral’s facilities in Silicon Valley for $70 million, the company announced today. The sale included 4.5 acres of land, about 14 percent of the land Maxar owns in Palo Alto, California. Maxar still has office, research and development and [...]

Astra Space suborbital launch fails

WASHINGTON — A test flight in Alaska of a small launch vehicle by a stealthy startup company ended in failure in late November, the Federal Aviation Administration has revealed. In a speech Dec. 6 at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce space conference here discussing the agency’s approach to commercial spaceflight safety, FAA Acting Administrator Dan Elwell mentioned a recent, but [...]

Department of the Air and Space Force? Catch up on Space Force developments this week

This article was first published in the SN Military.Space newsletter. If you would like to get our news and insights for national security space professionals every Tuesday, sign up here for your free subscription. DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR AND SPACE FORCE? President Trump has been insistent that a Space Force should be a completely independent military department. One way to organize the new [...]

New Performance Evaluation Tool Tested by Fleet Sailors

After a major phase of fleet testing Nov. 30, the Navy is making great progress in fielding an enhanced and modern performance evaluation system that emphasizes quality feedback to improve individual and unit performance — what many consider a must in an era of great power competition.

Inmarsat books Japanese H3 rocket’s first commercial launch

  WASHINGTON — British satellite operator Inmarsat announced Dec. 5 it will be the first commercial customer of the next-generation H3 rocket from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan. Inmarsat has not identified a satellite for the H3 launch, which is targeted for 2022 — about two years after the rocket is slated to make its debut. The H3 announcement marks [...]

SpaceX landing mishap won’t affect upcoming launches

WASHINGTON — The failure of a Falcon 9 first stage to make its planned landing after a Dec. 5 launch shouldn’t affect plans for upcoming launches, a SpaceX executive said. The Falcon 9 first stage used on the launch of a Dragon cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station was intended to land at the company’s Landing Zone 1 at [...]