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The vital national security missions of NNSA require great skill and dedication. Many members of the workforce spend decades of their lives committed to helping protect our nation, each in their own unique way. When one of those remarkable individuals reaches a career milestone, it’s only fitting that we say, “Thank you for your service.”

Kathi Alexander

Dr. Kathleen “Kathi” Alexander retired July 5 after more than seven years as Associate Deputy Administrator for Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation in NNSA’s Defense Programs. She oversaw the theoretical, experimental, and computational efforts that underpin the agency’s stockpile stewardship program, spanning from high-performance computing to “shots” at the National Ignition Facility to subcritical experiments.

“Everything I’ve achieved has been the result of teamwork,” she said at her retirement ceremony at NNSA headquarters. “I’ve had the privilege of working with incredible, incredible people over my career.”

Dr. Alexander became a member of the Senior Executive Service in 2011 as the Director of Interagency Work. In that position, she oversaw work with other agencies, technology transfer, and other cooperative work agreements. Prior to her federal service, Dr. Alexander worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory for 13 years and at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for over 11 years.