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Being part of the Nuclear Security Enterprise takes skill, smarts, and determination. From research scientists developing innovative new technologies to administrative professionals organizing day-to-day operations, it’s no surprise that our workforce is filled with impressive people. What some members of the NNSA family accomplish in their spare time, however, is truly unexpected.

Keshan Velasquez is an IT project manager for the Office of Secure Transportation in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

What is your hidden talent?

I am a competitive bodybuilder. My husband and I took it up together as hobby. This summer we’ll travel to New Jersey for my first national contest now that I’ve qualified as a National Physique Committee figure competitor.

How did you get into that hobby?

I began lifting weights consistently in 2016 because I wanted to improve my physique. In 2018, my husband decided he wanted to try to do a competition. I just went along for the ride. We hired a coach and I progressed quickly. I did my first competition in June, and even though I didn’t place as well as I would have liked, I loved the stage and I was hooked. It was fun.