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At the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), Rose met with President Dr. Joo Han Gyu and expressed appreciation for recent meetings with NNSA and KAERI’s strong support for collaborating on proliferation-resistance optimization. KAERI also provided a tour of their research reactor fuel facility.

Rose also met with Cho Sunhak, Director General for Space and Nuclear Energy at the ROK’s Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology and emphasized how our collaboration is an important aspect of the U.S.-ROK partnership.

While in Korea, Principal Deputy Administrator Rose also visited U.S. Forces Korea (USFK).  During his visit, he met with USFK Chief of Staff, Brigadier General John Weidner, and other members of the USFK staff.  They discussed several issues, including NNSA’s support to the command and the security situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Before departing ROK, Rose met with Wang Yunjong, Secretary to the President for Economic Security, and provided an overview of NNSA and the broader Nuclear Security Enterprise. He highlighted the work of NNSA’s partner laboratories across a variety of national security issues and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, hypersonics, quantum, and cybersecurity.