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Chief Pentagon Spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman provided the following readout: 

Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary of Defense, David L. Norquist met with Djiboutian Minister of Defense Hassan Omar Mohamed Bourhan June 13, following the 5th annual Djiboutian Bi-National Forum, to reaffirm the strategic partnership between the U.S. and Djibouti. 

Mr. Norquist expressed the Department of Defense’s commitment to coordinating with the Government of Djibouti and other likeminded partners present in-country to ensure safe operations, improve regional security, and maintain Djiboutian sovereignty. 

The two leaders discussed the regional dynamics in the Horn of Africa, the African Union Mission in Somalia, and the desire for the Djiboutian military to become a stronger and more capable force. They also discussed the significance and importance of the U.S. military presence in Djibouti to reinforce regional stability and further opportunities for cooperation.  

Mr. Norquist thanked Minister Hassan for his commitment to the strategic partnership and his efforts to drive progress toward shared objectives.