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The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (R&E) launched two new websites to provide information on how two of its directorates support OUSD(R&E)’s mission to foster technological dominance across the Department of Defense and ensure the advantage of the American warfighter.

The first web site,, for the Directorate of Defense Research and Engineering for Research and Technology (DDR&E (R&T)), includes the latest research and technology through science and technology research programs needed to ensure U.S. technological superiority, the DOD laboratories infrastructure, federally funded research institutions, and programs that help cultivate the next generation of science and technology professionals for the department, among others significant areas. The website also spotlights DDR&E (R&T)’s offices and programs: Research Technology and Laboratories, Strategic Technology Protection and Exploitation, Defense Technical Information Center, Reliance 21, DOD STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and its outreach efforts. 

DDR&E (R&T) leads the DOD’s science and technology (S&T) enterprise effort to rapidly develop and mature key technologies to ensure warfighter dominance. DDR&E(R&T) is responsible for the department’s research and technology investments, and the science and technology portfolio. It ensures that DOD (S&T) is postured to develop the next generation of game-changing technologies and enable rapid delivery of superior capabilities to the warfighter. 

The second new website,,highlights the work of the Directorate of Defense Research and Engineering for Advanced Capabilities (DDR&E (AC)), the primary technology transition enabler within the DOD that bridges the divide between technology discovery and capability fielding for the warfighter. DDR&E (AC) recognizes, identifies, explores and ensures the development, integration and funding of new technology and capabilities to maintain U.S. technological superiority. The directorate maintains a focus on the innovative application of technology and works with a robust network of transition partners within and external to the DOD to mitigate gaps through accelerated prototyping, demonstration, and fielding – with the ultimate goal of operational sustainment. The website also features its primary offices, including: Developmental Test, Evaluation and Prototyping, Chief Engineer for Advanced Capabilities and Test Resource Management Center.