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Brouillette went on to note the great success our National Labs have had in the world of innovation. This past year, DOE/NNSA won over 30 R&D 100 Awards for everything from an artificial-intelligence-driven cybersecurity technology, to a nanofabrication technique, to a new recycling process for rare earth elements. And the labs are showing no sign of slowing down. The Department is actively engaged in pursuing new opportunities in private-sector partnerships in areas such as artificial intelligence.

 “You are on the frontlines of America’s future competitiveness, and of advancing our national security and economic leadership,” he said.

The Working Group meeting also featured Jason Stolworthy, Director of Technology Development at Idaho National Laboratory, who spoke of the lab’s efforts to orient their research more toward innovation and added-value creation. Stolworthy went on to explain the common set of tools used to analyze and improve ideas.

Participants also took part in overview presentations on the U.S. Patent and Trade Office’s interest in patents and public investment in innovation, updates from the DOE Office of Technology and General Counsel, and panel discussions on vital topics like addressing lab risk, work with the Department of Defense, and adapting to new DOE Office of Science procedures.