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Belgium’s Minister for Security and Home Affairs Pieter De Crem and NNSA Administrator Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty delivered keynote addresses urging participants to lead the way in enhancing their insider mitigation programs.

Minister De Crem noted the seriousness of the topic, saying, “The insider threat is real and pervasive. This threat cannot, and will not go unaddressed.”

NNSA Administrator Gordon-Hagerty reminded attendees that “we work in a field where failure is simply not an acceptable option for the public. … There is no margin to be complacent. Simply put, we must stay ahead of the evolving threat.” She urged the international community to remain “forever united in our vigilance” against the insider threat.

Workshop topics at the symposium included national policies on trustworthiness, technical measures, and nuclear security culture. More than 200 participants from government, law enforcement, industry, and civil society attended.

Going forward, three countries agreed to sponsor regional insider threat mitigation workshops in the next year. In addition, an insider threat working group that formed at the conference will meet at the IAEA’s 2020 International Convention on Nuclear Security.

The event’s proceedings will be posted to