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The U.S.-Japan Nuclear Security Working Group convened for its 10th meeting in Livermore, California, last month. The working group was established in 2011 to demonstrate leadership in strengthening nuclear security worldwide and enhancing international cooperation in the field of peaceful nuclear activities.

NNSA’s Associate Principal Deputy Administrator, David Huizenga, co-chaired the meeting at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory alongside Ambassador Koji Kano of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. 

During the meeting, the group reported on progress strengthening the capacity of Japan’s Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security, minimizing highly enriched uranium, enhancing the physical protection of nuclear materials, integrating national and emergency response plans, reducing material attractiveness, implementing safeguards, and securing nuclear materials in transport. The co-chairs commended the group for their achievements to date, while stressing the importance of further cooperation to tackle new challenges and strengthen nuclear security globally.