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Professional Aerospace Contractors Association

The Professional Aerospace Contractors Association (PACA) of New Mexico was founded in 1984 to promote a healthy and vigorous relationship between the aerospace industry and Government agencies in New Mexico. Since then, it has become widely recognized and used by all government agencies in the area as a forum for interaction with the aerospace, defense, and national security industries. Learn more about PACA membership.

PACA membership is $150 per year for each member. The costs include: 10 monthly luncheons with dynamic speakers (Government or industry); Christmas Party for the member plus a guest; four quarterly issue of the PACA Pulse newsletter; discounted registration rates for the annual Briefing for Industry sponsored by PACA; and great networking and teaming opportunities among members. Join now.

PACA membership puts me face-to-face with industry leaders and decision makers

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Monthly Luncheon Meetings

We meet the 3rd Thursday of each month. Members are free and Nonmember/Guests are $45, effective April 1. RSVP by the Friday before the week of the meeting.

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Briefing for Industry (BFI)

meeting140x85BFI is the premier regional conference including presentations by representatives from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), DOD, DOE and NASA.

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PACA Sponsorship

The Professional Aerospace Contractors Association (PACA) of New Mexico has launched our annual sponsorship program. Your support to PACA helps make PACA a success for all who participate in our monthly meetings and events.

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