Annual Dues Announcement

The PACA annual dues are $150.00.  Many of the similar organizations across the Country charge annual dues plus charge for meals.  Your PACA organization includes your meal prices in the annual dues plus the annual Christmas Party for the member and a guest.  In January 2016, the Board of Directors added the Associate Member status and it may be applied for and held, if granted by the Board of Directors, by individuals who were former fully paid Members for a total of five consecutive years and who retire from a position that allowed membership in PACA. The annual Associate Member fee is set at $75 and the member is entitled to all the benefits of the full paid membership he/she had  maintained for the minimum of the previous five (5) years.

If you have any questions please contact one of the board members.

PACA Monthly Luncheon Meetings

Networking and Informative Speaker Presentations by Industry Experts

PACA Members, non-members and interested guests meet the 3rd Thursday of each month at Albuquerque Country Club. Registration and check-in begins at 11:30 am followed by lunch at 12:00 noon. Please register by the Wednesday before the week of the meeting as food orders are due in.

Year Month Speaker
2022 Jan
Eric Lochausen, Sandia National Labs Supplier Relations and Small Business Utilization
“Supply Chain at Sandia”
2020-2021 Jan – Dec Speakers, when available were not recorded
2019 Dec Holiday Party
2019 Nov Kevin E. Sloan
2019 Oct David J. Eichhorn, Major General, USAF, Retired
2019 Sept Ms Tammy Johnson
2019 Aug 33rd Annual Briefing for Industry
2019 July Mr. Mike Duvall, Deputy Manager, Sandia Field Office, NNSA
2019 June Dr. Kelly Hammett, Director, Directed Energy Directorate, AFRL
2019 May AIAA Student Winners Presentations
2019 Apr Colonel Richard W. Gibbs, Commander, 377th Air Base Wing, Mountain View Club, KAFB
2019 Mar Colonel Eric J. Felt, Director, Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate
2019 Feb Colonel Timothy Sejba, Director, SMC Advanced Systems & Development Directorate
2019 Jan Dan Hicks, Spaceport America Executive Director
2018 Dec Holiday Party
2018 Nov David Eichhorn, Major General, USAF (Retired)
2018 Oct Dr. Robert Peterkin, Director of Operations, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems
2018 Sep Networking Event
2018 Aug 32nd Annual Briefing for Industry
2018 July Ronald Saville,  Small Business Director, Contracting Resource Manager, Nuclear Weapons Center
2018 June Ms Tammie Johnson   Chief of the Contracting Office at Detachment 8 AFRL
2018 May Dr. Kelly Hammett, Director, Director Energy Directorate, AFRL
2018 Apr Susan Kelly, Site Director, Raytheon
2018 Mar David J. Rosprim, Torch Technologies
2018 Feb Colonel Douglas Horne, Vice Commander, 58th Special Operations Wing, Kirtland AFB
2018 Jan Dan Hicks, Spaceport America  (tentatively accompanied by Virgin Galactic representative)
2017 Dec Holiday Party
2017 Nov Jerry Tyree, Deputy Commander, Tech Director, White Sands Missile Range
2017 Oct Lt Col Heather Bogstie,  ORS-5 Program Manager
2017 Sept James Eanes, Senior Manager, Sandia National Laboratories
2017 July Dr. Kelly Hammett, Director of the Directed Energy Directorate
2017 June Colonel Russell Teehan, Director, AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate
2017 May John M. Garcia, Director, SBA New Mexico District
2017 Apr Networking Event
2017 Mar Tammie Johnson, Director of Contracting
2017 Feb The Honorable Harrison Schmidt
2017 Jan Dan Hicks, Executive Director, Spaceport America