The 2018 Briefing For Industry (BFI) Was a Success

The 2018 PACA Briefing for Industry (BFI) was held in Albuquerque, NM on August 13 – 16, 2018, and provided a comprehensive summary of Department of Defense, Department of Energy, NNSA, NASA,  and other Government agency’s new business opportunities, plus provided a local and national perspective on Government strategies and future directions. We have had so many requests to present at this PACA BFI’s that we decided to continue the program at three full days. We have already booked the Hotel Albuquerque Old Town for Monday – Thursday, August 12 – 15, 2019 for next year.

Now going into its 33rd year, the PACA Briefing for Industry format has been successful for many years and is one of the preeminent events of its kind in the Country.  The 33rd annual Briefing for Industry (BFI) is being co-sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Professional Aerospace Contractors Association (PACA) of New Mexico. PACA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization and any excess revenues received annually are donated to college scholarship programs.

The conference and the information provided are unclassified. Our attendees are Government contractors and we verify each attendees active DD Form 2345. We control entry into the auditorium. Additional information on PACA can be found at

If you were unable to attend the 2018 Briefing for Industry (BFI) here are some of the highlights you missed.  The participating agencies described their program objectives, emerging technologies, and identified contracting opportunities over the next several years.  The senior officers discussed their vision of the direction for their organization that lies ahead.  Our senior leader speakers for the 2018 BFI included the following:

  • Lieutenant General Robert McMurry, Commander, Life Cycle Management Center
  • Major General Shaun Morris, Commander, Nuclear Weapons Center
  • Major General William T. Cooley, Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Brigadier General Mark Koeniger, Commander, 711th Human Performance Wing
  • Ms Joy White, Executive Director, Space and Missile Systems Center

The BFI was truly national in scope. There were over 540 attendees representing 21 states at the 2018 BFI.  There were 32 large businesses and 101 small businesses represented.  36 presentations were made with from 36 agencies presenting with well over 600 opportunities, ranging from SBIRs, to BAAs, to set-asides, and to full and open opportunities, with a total estimated value over $50B.  Contact information was provided for the technical points of contact for each procurement opportunity.  There were 24 breakout sessions where attendees met with the presenters and staff members to asked questions and obtain additional information.  There was opportunity to meet General Officer and Senior Service Executive decision makers.  There was ample time for networking and expanding business to business relationships.

The 2018 participants included AFMC Headquarters, AFRL, Nuclear Weapons Center, SMC, PEO for Strategic Systems, HEL-JTO, WSMR, NASA, AFOTEC, NNSA,  and other DoD agencies.  All of the Government offices that have supported the BFI since its inception, including those at the 2018 BFI, regard it as an excellent opportunity to increase competition for their procurements and broaden their national technology base.

The 2018 BFI attendee comments included:

  • “Great selection of presentations covering a wider scope than most conferences.”
  • “First visit to PACA.  Presentations both in scope and length were spot on.”
  • “Excellent – very engaging and informative.”
  • “This has been a very beneficial briefing/conference to attend.  There were a lot of attendees and good conversations/networking, and the Government representatives were very available.”
  • “This is my 15th BFI and it keeps getting better.  Keep it up.  See you next year!”
  • “Interesting and informative.  I have been coming for the last 10 years – the best of the last several years.”
  • “Great event, keep building trust with Government and clients.”

Here are what some of the presenters said about the 2018 Briefing for Industry:

  • WILLIAM T. COOLEY, Maj Gen, USAF, Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory: “Thanks!  I’m glad the event was successful and look forward to our continued partnership.”
  • Tom Becht, GM-15, SMC/MC: “I enjoyed coming out and speaking at the conference.  We’ll be sure to have a MILSATCOM representative at next year’s event as well.”
  • Tim Poth, AFRL/RY: “I know it takes a lot of effort and coordination to make such an event possible and you and the team did an outstanding job.”

Save the date for the 33rd Annual Briefing for Industry – August 12 – 15, 2019 at the same location.  Plan now to be there!  We look forward to seeing you in 2019.  Check back for updates and information on the 2019 BFI.

For questions or need additional information help please call our registration staff at 505-761-2334.